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Hydrogen Energy Fuel Cell Training Bench

Jun 20, 2022

Product introduction

It is made of hydrogen fuel reactor system components. It is required to demonstrate the structure and working principle of the automobile fuel cell (hydrogen) system, and to dynamically simulate the working process of the fuel cell (hydrogen) system, so as to deepen students' understanding of the structure and operation of the hydrogen fuel system. An understanding of how it works. It is suitable for the teaching needs of various types of colleges and training institutions for the theoretical study and maintenance training of automotive fuel cell (hydrogen) systems.

Product function

1. The device fully demonstrates the working principle of the fuel cell vehicle energy system, shows the low-pressure hydrogen storage advantages of the metal polymer hydrogen storage tank, and can dynamically simulate the operation state of the fuel cell vehicle energy system under resistive, inductive and other load conditions, and dynamically display the fuel Features and advantages of battery vehicle energy systems;

2. By using 4 intelligent monitoring terminals and a 4.3-inch display screen, the principle animation of the interactive operation status of the relevant core components of the fuel cell can be collected in real time;

3. The intelligent monitoring terminal collects in real time the fuel cell from hydrogen entering the stack through the diffusion layer, catalyst, proton exchange membrane, oxygen in the air, and the catalyst to convert into electrical energy output conversion process. How to collect fuel cells in real time; how to realize high voltage conversion from low voltage through ECU processor, primary coil secondary coil, rectifier bridge boost output; how to convert the output DC power of the stack to the animation curve state of three-phase AC power through IGBT. The monitoring terminal displays the running status of the three-phase drive motor. By configuring the accelerator pedal, it can realize idle speed and acceleration and deceleration operation;

4. More details please contact me, thanks!

Product composition

Power drive motor simulation device, motor controller, fuel cell booster, fuel cell stack, hydrogen storage tank, gear control switch, super capacitor, accelerator pedal, brake switch, hydrogen production device, mobile chassis, etc.

Product Specifications

Product size: 1230*600*1780mm (L×W×H)

Input power: AC220V 50Hz

Working temperature: -35℃~40℃

Overall weight: 70kg