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Toyota Prius Hybrid System Trainer

Jun 20, 2022

Hello friends, welcome to watch the demonstration video of our Toyota Prius hybrid system training equipment. It has several main features: multi-control capability, multi-system training in one machine, international standard profiles, high quality and low price, and color painting circuit diagram at a glance.

one, multiple control capabilities, it has everything you want.

ESP/TCS/BAS control unit assembly, brake main cylinder, brake wheel cylinder, wheel speed sensor and wheel speed signal board are integrated on the teaching board.

two. Only one trainer can carry out multi-system training.

A running car ESP/TCS/BAS system fully demonstrates the composition and working process of the car ESP/TCS/BAS system.

three, international standard, high quality and low price.

The training platform adopts international standard aluminum alloy profiles, which have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance and long service life. No spraying process, more environmentally friendly, more beautiful and high-end appearance.

Four, color painting circuit diagram at a glance.

The board is painted with a color spray paint circuit diagram, and a detection terminal is installed, which can directly detect the electrical signals on the board, such as the resistance, voltage, current, and frequency signals of the ABS control unit and the wheel speed sensor.

Finally, due to the limited video time, if you are interested, please contact us to learn more, thank you!